Dear Sir, everyone seems to be bleating about the apparent lack of tourists over the Christmas/New Year break. As my little hotel was full, I can't join in the chorus of naysaying, can't cite a dearth of entertainment, a surfeit of attraction closures, or even dire weather as an excuse for touristic nonattendance.

What I can say is that some of our guests paid up to 700 pounds each for their air tickets, which I find unconscionable, and bordering on profiteering.
Yes, we all know that the airlines adjust their prices up and down to maximise occupancy (and profit) but surely there is a limit.
It seems to me that between and among a terminally stupid and inept local government, greedy hoteliers putting up their prices (say I smugly, having maintained our last year's prices in view of a weakening pound and dollar) and increasingly expensive airline prices (and yes, yes, I know about oil prices, but they're coming down again) we collectively seem bent on killing the goose that used to lay all those golden eggs.

And once that's done, how then are we, I ask, to feather our nests?
George Scott


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