DEAR Sir, Friday's Bulletin, Anne Kay's column headed “State Buys Land in the Port of Andraitx” caught my attention in respect of the number of square metres sold in relation to the price paid, it being stated that a 20'257 sq ms (that's twenty thousand, two hundred and fifty seven) land area was sold for 330 million pesetas (that's three hundred and thirty million) -- surely this must have been a printing error?

Maybe Mr Editor, you could confirm it was, but if not, possibly Ms Kay could explain why such a huge amount was paid for an area of land which had been de-classified for development, so would only have a rural/rustic value, a far cry from 16'000 ptas per sq ms paid, probably only one tenth of the price stated.

If these figures are correctly printed, then it is no wonder local government was not approached by the local council for the purchase, but the Partido Popular council, by going directly to PP government minister, Juame Matas, to obtain this enormous sum, still ends up with the public paying.

I was also surprised that the local authority did not use the many means at its disposal, as all councils have, to force the owner to fence off and maintain the area.

I am sure it must have been a printing error, for if not, someone made an absolute killing! Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips


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