Dear Sir, insult after insult towards the British people. That's all I've read in the Spanish press this side of New Year.
On mainland Spain, referring constantly to the submarine Tireless, “Go Home Tireless”, “Out Of Spain”. Tireless is moored in Gibraltar, British territory, and for sure when repairs are completed (probably by May) Tireless will return to Britain.

Thousands of people were urged to protest by opposition political parties against the conservative central government and demanding answers why Tireless shouldn't be evicted. I ask, “Is Spain part of NATO or not?” The British say to move Tireless without repairs could be dangerous. I believe them.

Naturally opposition parties want to urge disruption in Spain at present as they would dearly love to be back in power in Madrid. We remember that long era of Felipe Gonzalez with its endless scandals and fraud within government circles which ended with gaol sentences for many leading political figures. The government in the Balearics is a left wing coalition. What would happen if central government reverted to socialist hands?

In my humble opinion, the Baleares government are making many mistakes through inexperience and arguments amongst themselves. This is affecting many sectors: the building industry reforms and licenses with lack of follow up from other departments, often resulting in tragedy; rubbish sector; water and electricity sectors; bus industry, essential for areas that are out of the way, no other form of transport and not everyone has a car.

Now after endless blood-bank appeals, the Red Cross won't be using blood from British donors in case of disease from Mad Cow. Let's hope the vigilance is as extensive towards hepatitis and the AIDS virus.

Enough of this tit-for-tat nonsense. We are European donors, members of NATO.
It is in all our interests to be vigilant and safe in everything we do, not single out a particular country.
Let's put aside detrimental demonstrations that cost money to police. They solve nothing, so are a complete waste of time and reporting space.
Yours faithfully
Marie Robinson (irate)


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