Dear Sir,
I am happy to assure your readers that all is well at the Centro Canino and, in fact, has never been better. Our new President, Mrs Hattie Winstanley spends 3 to 4 full days per week working with the animals and that they adore her cannot be in doubt! On many recent occasions when individually photographing them, I have encountered something of a problem in that as soon as Hattie appears there is a mass exodus away from the camera lens to throw themselves into her arms! It is now 6 weeks since our Committee unanimously voted Hattie as President and enormous progress has already been achieved. We have vets frequenting our premises carrying out necessary operations and just last week, for the first time ever, every dog and most of the cats have been wormed and vaccinated with full documentation. This has been made possible through the kindness of Mr Jim Dunn, Mr Arthur Whieldon and their housekeeper, Marsley, of Finca Son Mayol in Establiments and carried out by their helpful and efficient vet, Doctor Pedro Romaguera. On behalf of ourselves and particularly the four-legged recipients, we wish to offer our most grateful thanks and appreciation.

Our greatest target now is to raise the money through our separate fund-raising Committee, the NCCIA (Nuevo Centro Canino Internacional Appeal) to buy land and build a new Refuge. Contrary to rumours circulating, we have NOT been offered any land except one small piece by a kindly gentleman which sadly was unsuitable. We desperately need public support and financial help in this endeavour and if anyone reading this has some land available for donation or reasonable sale, with easy access and approximately one kilometre from private housing, then please call us on 971 29 79 14.

Yours faithfully,

Jane Sutherland.Co-Secretary Centro Canino Internacional

Thank you, for not getting carried away

Dear Sir, Thought I'd drop you a line to thank you for the headline story in today's MDB (Don't Get Carried Away). I am sure that your well presented and factual report will help to ease consumers' fears concerning imported goods from the UK.

It is very easy for the press in general to fuel a crisis rather than ease the situation and I am very relieved to read a very positive report.
Thank you again on behalf of all importers on the island.

Nigel Gough

Getting registered

Dear Sir,
Reference the report in Sunday's edition (page 3) regarding numerous people not having registered in their local council. My husband and I wish to be registered in Palma, having moved from living in the Calvia district. The problem is we both work in the Calvia district and in order to collect the necessary form either one of us has to take time away from a busy business and then again, when the form is completed and signed, one of us has to take time off again to return this to the Town Hall, no doubt with the inevitable queue on both occasions.

If the form could be sent by post, on request and returned in the same manner then I am sure there are many of us who would be only too pleased to comply. We have been fully ”legal” since coming to the Balearics and were previously registered in Calvia.

Name withheld by request


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