This week we have seen a barrage of criticism once again aimed at local taxi drivers through our letters to the editor column. Judging by these reports tourists are being over-charged and exploited. But I firmly blame the Palma city council for not taking a tougher stance and ensuring that the proper fares are charged. There are a number of loop-holes such as services to the centre of Palma from the airport. Most tourists have no idea how much this service could cost and because of their limited Spanish they have no way of fighting their corner. All taxi tariffs should be clearly displayed at the airport along with the surcharges which are enforced such as the luggage and airport taxes. The list of tariffs could also be distributed to all the tourist information offices. As was highlighted in a news story this week in the Bulletin it is now cheaper to hire a car for a day than take a taxi to and from Palma airport. Taxi fares have risen in line with inflation and the rising fuel costs but still drivers are saying that they are having trouble making a living. The city council is trying to limit the number of taxis parked at the airport because during the summer months there is a real shortage. This is a very good idea but probably the public would welcome more accurate information on fares.

As the summer season approaches the city council has time to install “taxi fare billboards” at the airport. Otherwise, as we have highlighted this week, there are going to be some tourists who will be returning home not singing Majorca's praises.

Jason Moore


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