Dear Sir, Well done Mr and Mrs Taylor (Bulletin
29 .3.2001) for your succinct appraisal of the resorts around Palma Nova, all of which more than applies to Santa Ponsa.
Are you listening Mayor Najera or just ignoring yet another letter from another complaining foreigner? Never mind, Mayor, close your eyes, do something really important like “marrying” another gay couple and it will all go away. This winter, Santa Ponsa has been a ghost town thanks to the road works and a winter tourist programme that has been a total disaster thanks to the bright idea to hold the winter shows on the beach instead of the sports ground. Guess what, Mayor, it's cold, windy and lots of sand blows around the beach in winter.

So only three of four shows of the whole programme have actually been held, all of which is sure to make people come back next year, eh Mayor?
The beach bowls are only kept going because of Mr and Mrs Cowan and other foreign apartment owners who you don't allow to attend the “Grand Fiesta” because they stay in rented apartments for the winter.

I, for one, am happy to read that holiday bookings are some 20% down, because now maybe you might stop insulting us when your pocket is hit. But, I doubt it - you don't want our ships, our blood, or our beef - and the Spanish press does nothing but insult us. Do you wonder we are now going elsewhere, enough is enough. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

As for me, in September I am off to the Calpe/Moraira area, and if I like it I am selling up here and going to live there, taking my money and business with me as I have had enough of looney, left-wing politicians, insults, never-ending road works, an increasing concrete jungle, being ripped off here and people who don't listen to anyone, and at the same time can't organise even a simple winter programme.

Remember what I said some time ago? Well, it looks as though it will soon be time to get your donkeys out and you have brought it all upon yourselves. The Balearics are not the be all and end all, there are other places to holiday or live in.

You also don't want our beef but see fit to feed tourists tons of your beef and pork your own people won't eat. That really does take the biscuit.
I look forward to that one blowing up in your faces when the British press get hold of it, nothing like shooting yourself in the foot. What?
Yours sincerely
Sean Dobson BC DMM
Santa Ponsa


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