Dear Sir,
I read with interest your article in Tuesday's edition of your paper. One thing puzzles me is where does your lamb come from? I know where lambs come from but I seem to recollect that in October you had to slaughter your sheep and lambs because of blue tongue and that you were to offer Welsh lamb in its place. I hope you have not imported what we have i.e. the dreaded foot and mouth. I would hate to see on Majorca what we are going through here in G.B. the mass slaughter, the fires, the tears shed by all the farmers who have slaved all their days to have their “families” taken away from them, not because they have the infection but that their friends/neighbours sheep and cattle have it. I would not wish this on anyone.

Keep up the good work with your paper. I log on most days.

John C. Young

Editor's note: hundreds of lambs were slaughtered as a result of the Blue Tongue virus and much of the lamb on sale locally is imported.


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