Dear Sir,
My husband and I agree with your comments in Viewpoint dated Tuesday, April 3. We have owned an apartment in Arenal for twenty years, thus have seen many changes.

Our hobby is dancing, and some three or four times a week, in the evening, we dance in local hotels in Arenal. Many Spanish pensioners tell us how much they enjoy our dancing and ask us when are we coming again to their hotel.

We have danced all over the world and have never been denied access to a hotel. However, the English director, of the Hotel Reina del Mar, Calle Ma Antonia Salva, Arenal has now banned us from this hotel which we visited only once a week on Sunday evening. We were told that the Spanish pensioners were complaining of people coming in from outside. There were always plenty of seats and we only stayed a short while, arriving early at eight-thirty, when there were very few people.

We did notice that Spanish people were not evicted. We do not think if our Spanish friends visited hotels in England, they would be treated thus.
We now feel that it's time we left this island and found a home elsewhere. Incidentally, we have studied Spanish and have many friends here.
Yours sincerely

Mrs Eileen Wickham


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