Dear Sir,
Predictably Ms Anne Kay's article in yesterday's issue was politically orientated, but surprisingly ignoring most facts which have been recently unveiled.

She firstly attempts to make light of the alleged bugging of Government computers by the opposition PP party. Surely she realises that this is an illegal activity, and if proven, can have very serious consequences for those found responsible. Can anyone condone such activities? On the second issue, whilst not reported overly in the Bulletin, there has been heavy and extensive coverage in the Spanish press on the Juame Matas issue (another one!) where the allegation is that prior to the last elections in 1999, public money was used to woo and obtain votes in South America - particularly in Argentina, from immigrants. If one had followed the daily revelations in this case (as I am sure Ms Kay would have done), that the then PP party leader and President of the Government, Sr Matas, is facing a ”mountain” of accusations and evidence, which apart from the alleged misuse of public money for party political purposes, could have influenced a number of voters, which, for example, in the closely contested Palma Council, with only some seventy or so votes securing his party continued in power (after a re-count), must raise the question whether or not the PP party have the right to run Palma town hall.

All most serious stuff, and I wonder when politicians, from wherever, be it Britain, Spain or the USA will realise that to use their position, public money, influence, etc, to affect issues which should be ”squeaky-clean”, will be discovered and whilst an immediate gain may be obtained, the ”rumbles” continue. At the next elections, who can forget the Bush ”win”, or the Mandelson/Vaz passport issue (amongst others) and these current revelations in Majorca. Also, has it ended?

Yours Sincerely

Graham Phillips.Palma


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