Dear Editor,
I have been ever so slightly astonished to read of the ongoing hostility against the tourist tax. Mallorca is not the first place to impose this.
As far as I know no–one stopped going to Swiss or American resorts because of their levies. That the hotel keepers feel enraged is no surprise – why should turkeys vote for Christmas! Now that it is here how about thinking of ways to return value for the tax. In other places holiday makers are given books of vouchers to enable them to benefit from discounts on transport, at attractions, in shops and at bars. These need not be of high value and the spin off is in increased trade at these places and in getting the holidaymakers to do more than lie on the beach all day. It just takes some co–operation amd organisation.

Giving the holiday maker information about how the tax is used and about the problems that a small island with a large number of visitors bring will go a long way to lessen its impact. After all the tax amounts to no more than the cost of an extra icecream or drink.

I certainly will not be put off coming to Majorca by the tax. The real threat seems to me to be the increasing urbanisation and loss of the pine trees.
Yours sincerely
E Davies

Tax stupidity
Dear Sir,
I have watched with interest the development of the tourist tax. I feel the Balearic government are being very stupid. All you have to do is to walk down the High Street in Britain and you will find many excellent holiday destinations at the fraction of the cost of the Balearic Islands.

I don't think now is the time to introduce a tax especially as the eastern Mediterranean has become so competitive. Please have a re-think because otherwise you many find your holidaymakers going elsewhere.
(Mrs) Francis Atkins


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