Dear Sir,
I write to let you know of a marvellous achievement which the community of Santa Ponsa has achieved in under two years. Against all odds of finding suitable premises for a church of their own, a building was found, investigated and bought under a loan.

Through the hard work of these wonderful people with fund-raising of every description, the volunteers of the church shop, donations, and with the blessing of God through prayer has now been paid for.

The church with the spire at the edge of Santa Ponsa/Es Castellot is God's hand at work within an interdenominational community, sharing services often with the Catholic church in Santa Ponsa. Sunday school, Bible study, Spanish classes and cultural classes are all held within the church.

Alan and Pearl Graham are well known within the community for their social work and help which has never been faulting. As long as I have known them they are always on hand and deserve great credit for what has been achieved in a short time for a large community.

Services are at 11am every Sunday morning, November 11, Armistice Day and November 25, the church's anniversary. Alan and Pearl advertise all the time in the Bulletin, and I believe your readers may be very interested in their progress for the community.

Alan's telephone numbers, if you would like confirmation and more information are: 971 690 394 and Mobile 639 183 229.

Marie Robinson.Calvia

“Come on Pollença, smarten up”

Dear Sirs,
We have recently returned from a holiday in Pollenca and were dismayed to find our favourite holiday destination in such a dirty unkept state. As regular visitors since 1984 we very much hope that something will be done over the winter period to smarten the public areas up, especially the sea front area leading toward the Pine Walk and the market square which was so beautiful when it was first renovated.

We had been warned by friends who had been early in the season that there was a general decline and they have vowed not to return. Pollenca's loss, Andratx or Cala Dor's gain.

Come on Pollenca don't let us down. Smarten up and bring a smile to the faces of visitors and to the local traders many of whom looked decidedly glum this year.

J Burdus. (Mrs).

Has Mr Adams taken leave of his senses?

Dear Sirs,
I am writing in connection with the comment made in today's press by Gerry Adams in New York stating that the IRA were not as bad as the terrorists that crashed their planes into W.T.C on September 11.

Has he ever counted how many people the IRA have killed since the troubles have started or how many have been killed on both sides?
The number is quite startling and I doubt people who were involved in any of the bombings would agree with him. People have been killed in both Northern Ireland and in Mainland Britain on a regular basis.

People are still being killed in Northern Ireland while they disarm: even though it has been people involved with punishment killings, but it's still terrorists killing people, usually in front of their own families. Can we assume this speech was to aid his funding from America, one can assume it dried up pretty quick after September 11th? Terrorism is wrong, doesn't matter what religion it hides under or how many people they kill per attack. I just hope that the fund raisers in America realise now with terrorism on their doorstep what it's like and stop funding it in another land.


S Taylor By e-mail


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