Dear Sir, More than a decade ago Ayatollah Rubollah Khomeini issued a Fatwa or death sentence against writer Salman Rushdie for his satirical look at Islam in his book “The Satanic Verses”. The Ayatollah considered it an attack on all of Islam and a bounty of one million dollars was offered to any Muslim who killed Rushdie. Today all of Islam is under a far greater, more direct and even deadlier threat from Bin Laden and members of the Al Qaeda network.

Their attacks on the embassy in Nairobi, the US barracks in Saudi Arabia, the twin towers and the Pentagon, made in the name of Islam and which killed thousands of innocent people including many Muslims, represents a sword to the heart of the majority Muslim world – most of whom DO NOT support Bin Laden's and the Al Qaeda's radical Wahhabism. It is a sword which Bin Laden and his followers have promised to wield again – even possibly in the form of a biological or nuclear attack.

Moderate Muslims everywhere should seriously consider placing a Fatwa on the head of Bin Laden and his followers for their crimes against Islam. As in the case of Salman Rushdie, high cash rewards could be offered. Five million dollars for Bin Laden and $500'000 per Al Qaeda for evidence proving them to be involved in murder of innocent persons. The West and Saudi Arabia could foot this bill – which would be a lot cheaper than continuing to pursue the war in Afghanistan. Let Allah guide the hands of true Muslims in this Fatwa – before a biological or dirty nuclear devise explodes in Cairo, Tel Aviv, Washington, London, Paris or elsewhere.

Meb Cutlack (S'Arraco).


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