Dear Sir,
I am forever reading in the papers about how dangerous and busy the roads of Majorca are getting, can I just say that if 50% of the drivers out there were not so ignorant to other road users, I think every thing could easly be improved.

I was driving from Palma Nova to Cala Bona yesterday, (Friday 23rd November) when suddenly I had to do an emergency stop, then I had to get out of the way before something hit me. When it happened I thought, “must be a crash” no! it was someone on the via cintura (westbound) driving on the left hand lane at about 50kph and probably a holidaymaker that had slammed on to avoid overtaking on the inside. (Which unfortunatly is something that we have to do a lot in this country due to the fact that some locals do not understand what the purpose of a dual carriageway is!) My idea is to take down the car make, model and plate number and expose them in the paper as being bad drivers, and if they don't believe it they can then argue with everyone they have upset, then maybe they will understand just how much they are annoying us all off!!

Yours sincerely

Neil Hutchinson. By e-mail


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