No-one can say that our Balearic government is not ambitious. Last week they announced one of the bigest rail projects since the Channel Tunnel and it will probably cost about as much, also. The latest brain-child is to link the Bay of Palma through a train service from the airport in an effort to ease traffic congestion and keep coaches off the road. Now, the principle is good, but where is the money coming from? I doubt that the central administration in Madrid is willing to come-up with trillions of pesetas for a project which is very innovative but not very practical. At first glance probably the best place to lay the tracks would be along the beach...but this would rather destroy things wouldn't it? Can you imagine the feuds and legal challenges the Balearic government is going to receive as they try and push rail tracks across public land? Now, I am a great supporter of trains but I think this time the local government has gone a bridge too far. If we are getting completely carried away, why not build a second airport serving the north of the island? I am sure that a suitable site could be found and this would basically halve the number of coaches on the roads to the north and halve the number of flights in Palma. Tourists would arrive in resorts much quicker and there would only be congestion in given areas. I am surprised, now that we are talking massive projects costing billions, that this has never been suggested. I am sure that we can all come up with multi-billion peseta projects which would greatly improve the island and the only small drawback is money. But who cares, this small problem hasn't stopped this government so far.

Jason Moore


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