Dear Sir,
After reading your headline regarding the recent Inca train strike, I ask myself if this situation is going to continue or if a miracle will occur and the service will be improved.

After almost two years of travelling daily on the Palma - Inca train the late departures, non arrival of trains or general lack of information seem to be the norm.

SFM proudly inform passengers that there is a complaints book for our use but what is the point? A year ago I made a written complaint and have not yet (I do not lose hope) received a reply.

Sincerely speaking yesterday's delay of 1 hour and 5 minutes, stuck in Marratxi station in the cold, with absolutely no notion as to what was going on was unbearable. Once on the train, we were informed by the ticket collector that the whole idea of the strike is that passengers complain.

This morning I have done so to SFM and since 09.30, await a reply from customer service - a perfect reflection of the professionalism and eagerness to better a service that can sometimes be described as disgraceful.

Let's hope that within a short space of time we will witness an improved service.

Jennifer Sykes


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