Dear Sir,
The letter from Brenda Wall (Saturday, letters) concerning the decline in tourism I find confusing – though maybe I missed something. Why does the lady in question single out the Club Aguamar? She admits that there are others so why not name them all ? Its called being democratic. She tells of thousands of holidaymakers who have suffered appalling holidays abroad – this on first sight conjures up planeloads of unhappy people all waiting to complain – litigation forms at the ready – though in reality accounts for a very small amount of people when the millions of holidaymakers are taken into account.

The style of letter would have the –easily led – to believe that this only happens on Majorca – this is of course untrue – illness can be contracted anywhere and at anytime proper control of food preparation is essential but on two occasions the phrase “longlist” is mentioned always in connection with hotels and always in connection with Majorca –obviously people never eat anything outside of the hotel maintain perfect personal hygiene, take precautions not to take too much sun, too many cold drinks etc.

If as the writer points out that the UK is a highly consumer orientated society may I ask why it necessary to give these programmes she mentions such “Sensationalised” Titles and have them put out a peak time? Surely all of these disgruntled tourists would be willing to see them at anytime and without the attention grabbing headings – after all surely most of them are in bed recovering from appalling holidays! No– I fear that this is a sensational article – which in no way has the interest of this island and its tourist trade at heart – it is a flag waving attempt for Ms Walls consumer programme and website – after all as they say in the UK “Where there's blame there's a claim” and of course compensation!!! Holiday TravelWatch's letter is not conducive to solving anything it is far too biased to be in anyway useful.
Presumably a similar reciprocal organisation exists for visitors to the UK – or am I too assume that holidays taken in UK are never appalling and nobody falls ill??

Given the UK's recent record over such things a foot and mouth, mad cow disease etc I really don't feel that they are in anyway suitable to set themselves up as judge & jury on health matters.

Alan Morris,



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