Dear Sir,
Are there any reasons behind the falling numbers of British tourists?
Are tourists being taken for granted?
I am English and have owned an apartment in the NE of the island for 18 years.
I am hoping to spend half my time in Majorca on retirement. We still receive a warm welcome from our regular Majorcan restaurants, supermarkets and stores.

However the Island is no longer the warm friendly place it used to be.
I am finding a growing resentment to tourists.
A young cyclist who was cycling fast at tourists and swerving away at the last minute, did not like being told off, and spat in my face.
Tourists are being resented through the publicity of increased taxes over the green issue in Majorca.
At one restaurant when I complained about waiting for 15 minutes for service I was told “You are on holiday and have plenty of time”.
At another restaurant we almost had the food thrown at us, and a comment was made as we were only spending pesetas 2'500 between two.
Needless to say we no longer visit these restaurants, and spend half our time in German restaurants where we get a better service and reception. (We never mention the War!).

That can't be good for the local population. With the growing gangs of Eastern Europeans robbing apartments and villas, I can understand the Government wanting a better quality of tourist but can we as tourists have a better quality of Majorcan hosts?


Graham King. (by e-mail)

Is it not enough that we come year in year out?

Dear Sir,
No matter how it is dressed up, how well explained it is, how many million leaflets are given out and explanations offered in favour of the environment etc it is clearly obvious that this is the biggest shot in the foot the island has done or will ever do! As many of your readers have voiced, is it not enough that we come year in year out in our millions and are happy to spend our money without the government dipping their hands into our pockets in this manner? Whatever will they dream up next?

I am certain that the fears of some hoteliers will be realised and people will in fact vote with their feet and opt for different shores and make no mistake, once the habit is broken and people have gone elsewhere it will be difficult to tempt them back again.

Added to this is the confusion and suspicion that the change to the Euro will mean inevitable higher prices and profiteering and you may well have the recipe for a touristic disaster on the scale no one envisaged.

J.A.A. UK. (by e-mail)


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