When you start getting invitations to lunch from politicians you know that elections can't be far off. The local elections take place in just over a year's time and once again the European Union expatriate vote is back in the spotlight. I noted with interest that the opposition on the Calvia council held a meeting for English-speaking residents earlier this week to present their proposals and talk about about the coming elections. While I think this is a good idea I would like to know why these meetings are not held more regularly and across the Balearics. The European expatriate vote is important with an estimated 30'000 people eligible to go to the polls next summer. But these would-be voters should be cared for by the political mainstream on a more regular basis and not just at the time when the parties are getting into election mode. Some attempt has been made to get more non-Spanish European residents in the Balearics to vote. But I would like to see an even greater attempt. I do not support the necessity for British or German councillors. If the politicial parties decide to put non-Spaniards on their electoral lists it should be because they are the best people for the job, not simply because of their nationality. But I do feel that the parties should make a greater effort treating expatriates with the vote in the same way as they treat those voters who are born and bred in Majorca. The political parties need to explain their manifestos and also they mustn't forget that if the expat voter supports one party in his or her country of origin it doesn't mean that they are going to do the same here. More attention please...not just at election time.

Jason Moore


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