The Balearic government has started its election campaign with something that seemed to be an item that was going against them. The Ecotax.
With regards to the projects they intend to carry out with the money collected, some of these projects are very ambitious and deserve full praise. The ecologists of the pact are not so happy since they say that there are not enough plans aimed at repairing damage to the environment.

And this may be due to the fact that Sr Antich now pronounces that the tax is to help “create a new model for this country for the 21st century”. He obviously is planning for the word “Balearisation” to change its meaning from gross building destruction of the islands to perfect rehabilitation. The only trouble is, that like many members of the public, particularly those who are used to buying on H.P., the Government is already planning to start to carry out projects although it does not have the money yet.

There are laws and regulations that control the amount of debt local governments and councils can bear and the Balearics have already reached their limit. However that does not bother Sr Antich and his Progress Pact since they have hit on the idea whereby another entity is created to finance the projects. That must be creative accounting at a premium because one would expect the Government to be held responsible for the expenditure at some time, particularly before the next election.

This is what many voters of the Partido Popular are worried about since the amount mentioned for the projects for Majorca over the next three years will amount to 130 million euros (21'000 million pesetas) and in less than one year, there will be regional elections. If the conservatives recover power, they will be left with the problem of fulfilling a promise to annul the ecotax and yet be faced with the debts of the projects already started. Clever Sr Antich, since I wonder if once in power again the conservatives (or just right of centre) would have to rethink and say due to the outstanding debts they have to continue with the tax?

Anne Kay


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