Dear Sir, Last Sunday we went to the beach with our two nephews and asked how much the pedalo boats were, I was told 9 euros. With this we decided to go and handed the man a 10 euro note, but he wasn't forthcoming with the euro 1 change, the same thing happened to the couple in front of me. When I asked him for the change, he said it is only worth 20 pence and he said he had no change.

After returning from our trip I asked the man for my 1 euro and handed him my ticket, which he tore up and threw on the beach, after a bit he went to his table telling me he still had not enough change.

I stood there for a while then he went to his drawer and got out a lot of change which he sorted out and gave me. What I didn't tell him is that I have been a resident here since 97 and run a business, the beach in question is the Antillas end of Magalluf.

In all those years the same person has run the boats, a very nice man, but since this other group has taken over, things seem to have changed.
The point of this story is how many more people are going to get ripped off.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Park. By e-mail

Jelly fish invasion

Dear Sir,
Having come back from a visit to Minorca when the invasion of the jelly fish occurred, I am trying to find more information about the species involved.

The public relations man in the hotel in Cala Galdana did not call them jelly fish at all but “sea animals” which was a nice way of not spreading panic as the beaches were COVERED in them - I originally thought they were oil slicks !!! Later after they had spent ages clearing the beach a second wave came in coloured whiter than the original vivid blue ones. I took some video shots of all this. I have never seen anything quite like them. My wife suffered a very slight reaction to one which stuck to her leg whilst paddling. We return next month to Cala s' Vicente where over the years all sorts of large and small jelly fish have landed, what will we find this year??

Tony Crake. By e-mail


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