Dear Sir,
Whilst sitting enjoying a summer salad at Tom Brown's opposite the Magaluf Park Hotel, I was astounded to witness an event which beggers belief.
An ambulance had recently parked in a restricted waiting zone, having brought a patient to the nearby medical centre. There were two of the new CHITS (Calvia Highway Ticketing Squad) prowling, frustrated by the introductory “Blue Zone Amnesty” being granted by the Calvia council. The ambulance had parked in the old yellow zig-zag zone, thus was a prime target.

Bravely, the female CHITs officer approached the ambulance which had wantonly and maliciously parked in a restricted waiting zone. With total disregard for her own personal safety, the officer reached into her bag and fearlessly issued a ticket onto the vehicle which had thoughtlessly parked with malice.

Having thought about the events, I would ask the following questions:

1.When are the elections?
2. Who will compensate the car hire companies when they go bust (moving your car every 90 minutes will deter car hire)?
3. Were the CHIT officers applying council policy (zero tolerance)?
4. Why do traffic wardens always go around in pairs?
5. Is the Monster Raving Looney Party currently running Calvia council?
Yours sincerely

Mark Masters. Magaluf


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