Dear Sir,
Ray Fleming can babble on as much as he likes, as he did in his Looking Around article of June 11, about the nasty evil Israelis and the nice, decent, honest Paletinians, (who rejoiced in celebration of the incineration of 3'000 men and women in New York City and who willingly send their children to their suicides in bombing attacks on Israeli civilians); but instead of peddling half-truths, non-truths and historical distortions, there is a larger and graver truth far more deserving of his attention.

I believe it beyond doubt that there is a fault line running through Islam, and the Israel-Palestine affair is a comparatively unimportant diversion from it.

According to BBC 4*s religious series Sunday, over the past five years an annual average of 165'000 Christians have been murdered by Islamic groups for no other reason than their religion. Over the past seven years, more than 50'000 Hindus have been killed. In the Sudan, over two million people have died in the last ten years. In Afghanistan, the Moslem hierarchy killed an unquantifiable number of Buddhists as well as destroying their holiest shrine. In Nigeria, Sharia Law has now been introduced with the usual chopping-off of hands, feet, arms and legs and even heads in more serious accusations. As I write this, a young woman is due to be buried up to her shoulders and then slowly killed by rocks being hurled at her head. In the Philippines and the Molluccan Islands, Islamic groups are practicing mass murder, blackmail and torture. We now know that Islamic terrorists tried to blow up Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and were (or, still are), planning “dirty” bomb attacks in the US. As to the Israel-Palestine affair which taxes Mr Fleming so much, he does not seem to understand that the underlying motivation for this is Moslem hatred, not for Israel, but for Judaism. His claim that a return to Israel's 1967 borders would provide a resolution to the problem is made a nonsense by the simple fact that Arafat formed the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) in 1963! Were he to have spent time in the Middle East, as I have done, he would know that the Arab media is spewing out anti-Semitic, not anti-Israel, propaganda day and night. Little more than two weeks ago a Muslim cleric said on Saudi TV “The Jew is evil incarnate and it is every Moslem's duty to destroy evil.” This is but one of dozens of examples I could give him to prove that Islam has launched a Jihad (holy war) against all religions but their own.

Sooner or later, the Western civilised nations will have to overcome their Mammonistic greed and deal with this. Whether they do it now or wait for a cataclysmic catastrophe brought about by germ bombs, chemical attacks or even atomic explosions is up to them.

This letter is not meant to be an attack on the philosophy of Islam. It is intended to point up that evil powers have taken control of its hierarchy and Mr Fleming is doing us no service by his attempts to hide this fact.

David Lee, Majorca.


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