I read with interest over the weekend a report which stated that residents of Deya are up in arms over all the building work in the scenic village. I must admit, I agree with them. I was also shocked at all the building work which is taking place in Puerto Soller and Camp de Mar is a different place to the one I visited 20 years ago. I thought one of the key manifesto proposals of this local government was to stop all the so-called unnecessary building. Just before they came to power almost four years ago thousands of people marched through Palma, saying enough is enough. So why are sizeable parts of Majorca still a mass of cranes? I was never a great fan of the Balearic government's much vaulted building freeze because I consider that some building work is necessary. The big freeze, appears little more than cold snap, with developers still in full swing. With Germany in recession I can't understand how developers believe that there is a going to be demand for all these thousands of homes which are being built at the moment. You ask any property dealer and they will tell you that the only people buying in Majorca at the moment are the British and they are being particularly selective.

The future development of Majorca depends on proper planning laws and regulations. It is going to get to a point that Majorca will be far too developed and would be buyers and tourists will go elsewhere. I am not criticising the developers because at the end of the day they are just doing their job within the law, I am criticising the Balearic government for allowing all this building to take place.

Jason Moore


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