Dear Sir,
On 1st June 2002 you published an article in the Daily Bulletin saying that a record 53 blue flags had been awarded to beaches in the Balearics. Highly commendable. This however has been followed up by a letter written by P. Lyon from East Yorkshire, published on 19th June 2002, pointing out how scruffy Cala Viñas is now. I highly endorse these comments. When we first purchased our apartment in Cala Viñas in 1983, the bay was one of the nicest in the Island.

There were two cafes on the beaches. A small one on the small beach, and a larger one on the larger beach. These cafes were enclosed by glass so that even in the worst of weather one could enjoy a drink and watch the sea pounding against the rocks.

There were glass partitions along the beach wall to offer protection from the wind whilst basking in the sun. The beach was ALWAYS kept in an immaculate condition. It was like living in Utopia.

In 1988 work commenced on the Hotel Barcelo, then called the Hawaii.
Once the hotel was completed I understand that the concession of the beach was then allocated to the hotel. The cafes were immediately removed, no doubt in order to divert customers to their own cafe. Also the glass partitions were removed. From that day onward the condition of the beaches has deteriorated rapidly.

The sides of the beach mainly used by the public are covered in weeds. One has to wade through sea weed to obtain access to the sea.< Most of the sand on the beaches has been eroded away by the elements and never replaced. On the promenade leading from one beach to the other, offering access to the Royal Savoy and the Hotel Cala Viñas, there is hardly any sand at all, and more important still there is a hole approximately three feet diameter by two feet deep which is a definite health hazard to even the most agile, especially in the dark.

The smaller beach in front of the Royal Savoy is mostly covered in weeds, and as far as I can ascertain is never cleaned. I would very much like to obtain comments from both the Barcelo and Calvia Corporation as to why Cala Viñas has been allowed to deteriorate so much. Even the pavements have not been made up in the near proximity of The Regal and the Rhodio next door, whereas the pavements have been completed in areas where as yet there are no properties.

There are many other residents here whom I am sure will offer you their opinions, as well as me.

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