Dear Sir, At last !! Three cheers for Richard Parker (Bulletin, letters Thursday) and his devastating expos of all the virulent pro -sraeli propaganda spewed out by Mr Lee. There was a letter some weeks ago from a lady who quoted the famous Balfour Declaration and taking it from there, the israeli stance is totally untenable – and then add in their refusal to abide by ANY of the United Nations decisions. I wrote some time ago re Mr Lee and his spurious “data” and Mr Fleming is unfortunately too much of a gentleman to tell him what to do with his nonsense. Mr Lee follows the classic ploy of accusing his opponent of saying something that he did not say so that he can easily throw it out. He even has the temerity to say that God gave Israel to the Jews!!! Really – which God are we talking about here? In any case , unfortunately, the Middle East problem has to be sorted out and it can only be done if both sides give in somewhat. I do not in any way condone terrorism but I repeat my earlier comment – I fully understand any young person who has been born in a refugee camp and who is forced to live there all their young lives by the Israelis, if they should feel driven to sacrifice themselves. I agree with Cherie Blair in this and I feel strongly that she should not have been made to apologise for saying this. This is probably the only point on which I agree with Mrs Blair, but if someone tells the truth you must acknowlege this even if it does not agree with the party line. She (and I ) do not in any way advocate terrorism. In the same way, anyone can fully understand a father wishing to kill a pederast who has molested his child. This does not mean that we are in favour of indiscriminate assasination. I say once again, Islam is repugnant to me and I do not favour the Arabs, most of their countries being travesties of government, but the Palestinians do have a points and Israel, with the support of USA, is being totally unfair. It is Sharon and company who are to blame for the brutal bombings that are taking place. They could stop it tomorrow if they took an overall view. How can they subject their citizens to this uneven war? At least, hopefully, we have heard the last of Mr Lee. Yours faithfully

Ian McIntosh, Palma
Age of the train

Dear Sir,
Further to my comment yesterday with regard to the existing Diesel train in the Inca line and its extension to Manacor, and elsewhere, I have just noticed a Reuters' report that London is to have a trial of three 70–seater fuel–cell electric buses next year. Could this be the seamless way to go in Majorca? It would bring emission–free (only drinkable water) transport, without those unsightly overhead power lines, pantographs, etc. and guess who is supplying the London trial? Daimler–Chrysler, the very firm involved with the those lovely new buses in Palma. Got to get rid of those diesels – on (off) the roads too!

Richard Harding, Oxford, England


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