Dear Marc,
We are coming out to Majorca for the first time ove Christmas.
What typical festive dishes can we expect?
Liz Saldivar, Cheltenham.
Dear Liz,
‘Lechona' (roast suckling pig) seems to be most Majorcans favourit festive dish al christmas time. They are normally roasted whole and are delicious. ‘Rape asado con patatas' (roasted monkfish with potatoes) is also another popular choice. There is also a festive soup calle ‘sopa rellena de navidad', literally translated it means christmas stuffed soup. The dish normally consist of pasta (macarrones) ou lettuce stuffed with minced meat and a chicken consomme is poured over the top.
The Spanish in general don't eat one particular dish at Christmas time.
They do tend to spoil themselves and eat more shellfish and seafood over the festive period. The big thing here is ‘turron' (nougat) of different types, mainly chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts.
If you are going to here for the 3 Kings day on the 6th of January make sure you try the famous ‘roscon de reyes'.
Better still, buy a whole one and take in home.


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