Doom and gloom
Dear Sir,
After reading today's on line version of the paper and especially reading the letters pages, it's all doom and gloom! I have to point out I am biased, I spent a happy childhood on the island and still enjoy it, but we are selling it wrongly and we are letting the local government kill the main bread winner - tourism! Wake up! We need the tourists like we needed the rain, you have to admit, for the first time in 10 years we have water levels in the norm and yet we moan about the rain! It's amazing how many people I have spoken to that have said, “Ok you needed the rain.” And I add a few haven't minded the tourist tax.
What they have minded is the local government's attitude to them, the place where they visit, the euro, and how they are treated.
Majorca needs to waken up to the fact as mentioned in a letter I read this morning that you can fly from London to Dubai and spend a week in 5-7 star luxury for as little as £500. You can get demi-pension in Cyprus for under that and at this time of year you can get a week in Rhodes at £89.00 (check on the net if you don't believe me).

Hotels are closing early this year, I have never known the Guadalupe to close at this time of year.
The local government MUST do something to encourage the tourist from anywhere not bleating on about the poor German disappearing tourists (they are off to Cyprus et al. it's cheaper) but look at what they have and build on it, then the Germans may come back and see what they have been missing! Clean up the dog poo, litter and attitude! Show some flexibility and for goodness sake, stop being so up yourselves! Majorca survives because of the tourist, don't make it an endangered species!

Susan Taylor. Via e mail

How to beat the post

Dear Sir,
I have read with mindnumbing ennui the bleatings of poor souls whose biggest complaint seems to be the fact that their postcards arrive after they have returned home! May I make a suggestion to these people.
The day before you leave from Gatwick, Preston or wherever, pop down to your local high street and buy a few post cards (ones with unrecognisable sunsets or beaches are best; pictures of a Coldstream Guard outside Buckingham Palace for example should be avoided), scribble a few inane comments such as “wish you were here”, “weather iffy“, “found a good place to have fish & chips/curry” etc. and pop it in the red box in the departures lounge on the day you leave.

This will satisfy journalistic ambitions, keep the mother-in-law happy and, with a following wind, get there before you arrive back. Unless your recipient is a stamp collector this cunning ruse should work.

John Rule. Sol de Mallorca

Royal British Legion

Dear Sir,
The Royal British Legion “Poppy Day Fashion Show” will be held at the Hotel Palma Nova on Saturday November 9. Doors open at 1pm for stalls selling books, videos and lots of other items, including raffle tickets. The Fashion Show starts at 2.30pm and entrance is free. Would you please say thank you on behalf of The Royal British Legion and myself to all the very kind ladies who donated the lovely clothes, plus and the helpers and models.

There are some really good-as-new clothes on offer, including fur coats and jackets. This is a chance to acquire excellent quality almost-new garments, many with designer labels, at a fraction of the prices you'd expect to pay in the shops.

Last, but not least, thank you so much for your continued support to The Royal British Legion.

Pat Stone. The Royal British Legion


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