Dear Sir,
Why oh why the proliferation of blue parking pay-zones in tourist areas? Yet again the message is, “We don't really want you”. And why, where there was adequate free provision away from the front-line (eg. the car park just off the front in Palma Nova) have these zones also started to sprout pay points?

And a final question given that the money taken is from German, English, French, and other tourists - why are instructions only in the local language? Stop any 100 tourists and ask them to translate Dilluns, for example. You will get a zero understanding.

Meantime, while the arrogant politicians do well, hardworking hotel and bar owners see a further reduction in their living standards.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Riches. Northampton. By e-mail.

Tourist tax is very unfair

Dear Sir,
After staying in Majorca twice this year, a return after 25 years, we came once in the winter and once in September, and found it very good apart from this September. We had a big surprise of the tax that had been implmented since May, we think this will play a large part in tourism as this is a large amount for a family to pay. We feel that is very unfair.


Yvonne. By e-mail

The beach stank and attracted flies

Dear Sir,
I am a local Government Officer in England and have been visiting Cala Bona for nearly forty years.
In the last few years there has been a marked decline in the standards of cleansing on and around the beaches of the area which is severely testing our will to return.

The Cala Bona beach has not been dressed with sand for some years now, and I am told by local Majorcan friends that it is the fault of the local council who will not spend any money.

Even the Hotel Levante beach was strewn with broken glass, and some old lamp columns were dumped on the rocks near to the life guard station.
The beach stank of old unremoved seaweed which in turn attracted flies.
My wife and I listened to some English tourists who were obviously visiting Cala Bona for the first time, their comments were that the place was dirty, scruffy and they would not return.

I wanted to tell them of the days when old Miguel (who is now retired in Son Servera) used to tend the beach every day, look after the sunbeds and his clients to a high standard, and remove the old seaweed.

But I feel it would have been a waste of time.
Please assure me through your office that there will be an improvement to the area and that myself and my wife, our children and their families can continue to enjoy what was once a beautiful and magical place for our holidays.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Welch. By e-mail


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