I admire the attempts which are being made by Francesc Antich, the leader of the Balearic government, to try and secure cheaper air travel on domestic flights for Balearic residents. However, it is not the government at fault, it is the airlines. Why should taxpayer's money be used to subsidise over-inflated air fares? On a good day and using the Internet you can probably find a flight to New York from London which will cost the same as a return ticket to Barcelona or even Mahon. I have frequently travelled to Mahon and Barcelona from Palma and it is always a nightmare getting a flight simply because there is always a shortage of seats. These routes must be exceptionally popular and are profitable. Instead of a war of words with the government perhaps Sr Antich should turn his attention to the “no frills airlines” which have already revolutionised short haul international flights and are doing the same on domestic flights in countries such as Britain. There would be no need for subsidised air travel if fares were competitive. I am sure that many Balearic residents would travel around the islands or even to the mainland if flights were sensibly priced. There has been a revolution in the airline industry and the Balearics must take advantage of this state of affairs. The strangle-hold of the large airline has come to end and the days of over-priced fares, are thankfully, going. Well done Antich for your efforts but your fight is not with Sr Jose Maria Aznar in Madrid. Sit down with the airlines and get them to come up with their best possible deal.

Jason Moore


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