Dear Editor,

IT is not surprising that Bush and his not very well travelled cronies, do not understand the Arab mentality and that they have therefore misjudged the will of the Iraqi people to resist the invasion. I am, however, disappointed and dismayed that Blair's bright boys at the FO (Foreign Office) did not dissuade him from getting involved in the present debacle. Perhaps if the truth could be known, we would find that most diplomats agree with their former boss, Robin Cook and that blinkered Tony Blair decided to go his own way, regardless. The so–called 'coalition' will win the war, in months rather than weeks, but they will lose the peace. Commentators have noted that more and more Brits are backing Blair and I believe that a similar effect is being noted in Baghdad. Thanks to the allies, Iraqis of different political and religious persuasions are uniting behind their leader. The war will be hard, but the peace will be even harder. Iraqis will continue to resist and will be joined by freedom fighters and terrorists from all over the world. It is not only in Arab countries that we are now despised and reviled. Some of us and/or our loved ones will be blown out of the skies. Thank you Tony! By the way, did you know that, according to a report in a local daily, last Friday, Morocco has offered 2'000 monkeys to help US troops detonate Iraqi land mines. So Perejil is forgotten or forgiven and Moroccan monkeys will soon be alongside Spanish medics, aiding the coalition war effort.

Yours sincerely
George Tunnell
Cas Catala Nou


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