Dear Sir,

A t this moment everybody is using this horrible war for his or her own means – to cover up for political failures, to promote political strategies, to demean the political rival...and so on. No march for peace nor any general strike will alter the yet given facts, it will only enhance the already chaotic situation.
Here we are, still living in “relative” peace and quiet –and should be thankful for it – but we make our own war actually over political differences and use IRAQ as THE excuse. If there would be really any solidarity with the hard hit population of Iraq all the marchers and opposers would have to rally for a war collection of only 1 Euro per person to be given to the UN or similar institution to be used for humanitarian help during and after the war. Solidarity means help and assistance to the oppressed and NOT taking advantage of a given situation for whatever political reason !! Carla Fluch


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