Dear Sir,

THE Great War (WWI) started in August 1914, WWII in September 1939, and in both cases the thought was “home for Xmas”.
At the moment the Iraq war looks like there is going to be another never-ending war (I hope I'm in the wrong) which will be bad for our occidental way of life against the Muslim way of thought. They are huddled together with Iraq, they can despise Saddam, but their indoctrination, it makes of them a whole body. I hope for a good and quick allied aftermath, like that there won't be a chance of getting together the neighbouring countries and start WWIII.
Yours sincerely
Ramon Pujol

Dear Sir,

Happy Summer time, let's hope we shall be able to peacefully enjoy it.
Tony Blair is showing signs of stress, impaired judgement verging on mental illness. I think he is in need of psychiatric assessment and treatment.
Appalled to learn on radio this morning that the U.S. Defence Minister is ordering the U.S. Military (Army, navy and airforce) how to operate. Is he a politician? Was he elected? or like Tony's inner circle of unelected advisors who seem to be telling “Tony what they think Tony wishes to hear.” God help us.
Yours Worried of


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