By Jason Moore

WILL all arm-chair generals, retired corporals and so-called military experts give up their new lucrative careers as TV pundits and find something better to do with their time. Despite the fact that many of them should know better they are just adding to the confusion which already exists regarding the war. Now I know that the 24 hour news channels have to fill their valuable air time every minute of the day but I have never heard so much rubbish being uttered by former military personnel who are treating the war in Iraq like a game of cricket with them criticising the captaincy decisions made, in this case, by General Franks. “If I was in charge this is what I would have done,” I heard one former U.S. general say when interviewed on an American news channel. Well, thank God you aren't because you obviously couldn't keep a secret even if you are under the threat of death. It's amazing how many arm-chair generals are now coming to prominence. In some cases they are not even generals, mere colonels no less! The one general I do admire (and he is serving) is General Sir Mike Jackson, Britain's top soldier, who basically in his no-nonsence sort of way said what I have related above. This war is not going to be won by former generals sitting in TV studios in London, it will be won by generals sitting at the frontline who are naturally aware of all the facts. If these so-called military experts want to do something sensible perhaps they could offer their services to the Ministry of Defence because they obviously have plenty of time on their hands. Interestingly enough, the MoD, hasn't asked for their expert advice. Wonder why?


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