By Jason Moore

MY congratulations to the Partido Popular councillor in Calvia who voted against the party-line on Iraq. She is a shining example of democracy at work. Unlike Britain in Spain the party-line rules. The Partido Popular are for the war, the Spanish Socialist Party (the main opposition, are against) but not once have their members broken rank, a curious state of affairs, which says little for democracy. I cannot believe that all Partido Popular MPs support the war and by the same token I can't believe that all Socialist MPs are against it. The PP councillor in Calvia said she came from a Christian background and was against wars of any type. Infact it was a moral decision. Well done. It is a shame that more politicians in Spain are not making more of these moral decisions and voting with their heart rather than their head. The two debates on the Iraq war in Westminster are a shining example of why the British parliament is respected world-wide. Opposition MPs voting with the government and Labour MPs voting against. This state of affairs was widely reported in the Spanish media and Robin Cook's resignation was applauded by most. I am sure if there had been a more open debate in Spain with constructive arguments on both sides, opposition to the Iraqi conflict would not have been so severe. Come on politicians, it's not only about party-lines it's about democracy and voting with hearts. If politics is to become more a part of everyday life politicians should set a better example.


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