By Jason Moore

AS everyone is now discussing what will happen when Iraq has been “liberated” I will add my thoughts on a subject which for us living in Spain, is close to our heart, Europe and the future of the European Union. The Union is split right down the middle and anyone who believes that the cracks which have appeared can just be papered over is being very optimistic. Judging by what I hear and see in the British media there is a growing anti-French sentiment in the United Kingdom. Personally speaking I was shocked by the outrageous attack on a British war cemetery in northern France. We all know that there are mindless vandals in all countries but the fact that the resting place of British war dead, who fought for France on French soil in two World Wars, has been tarnished is a disgusting state of affairs and one that I will remember for a long time. Once the Iraq war finishes Europe is going to have to look carefully at its future. We now have a very divided continent and yesterday's allies have become today's critics. In the light of what has happened over Iraq the European Union needs to re-think itself. It failed miserably over Iraq which could have been its finest hour. I believe in a Europe with the United States as a chief and key ally. I don't believe in a Europe acting as a competitor to the United States. I don't feel there is any need for it. Of course, the European Union needs Britain's economic muscle if it is to seriously compete with the U.S but this muscle shouldn't be given because there shouldn't be any competition between close allies. If member nations want to form a Union to directly counterbalance the power of the United States then they should do so and I wish them luck. They are making a serious mistake. One thing for sure the view in Paris of the future of the European Union is not shared by Madrid, London, Lisbon or Rome.


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