By Jason Moore

POOR old Majorca has received a bit of a bruising over the last few months rather unfairly, I feel. There are reports of a considerable number of people moving to the mainland because it is cheaper and you can buy a new home there for half the price. It is almost official that Germany is cheaper that Majorca and the only thing which is still making Britain more expensive than the island is the over-inflated pound. The reason why Majorca is expensive is because it is worth it. We are exceptionally lucky to live here and if it costs a few more euros than parts of the mainland then that is just a price we've got to pay. House prices on Majorca have always remained stable even in the darkest days of recession proving once again that this island is a sort after place. I don't think the same can be said for the mainland. To all those who spend their days moaning about the island I would invite them to move to the mainland and I think they will find that their standard of living won't be so high and enjoyable. There isn't much missing from Majorca. It can satisfy everyone's tastes. Spring is in the air, the sun is out and Majorca takes a lot of beating. Germany may be cheaper but I wouldn't exchange Frankfurt for Palma, would you? We are extremely lucky that we have found this little island in the Mediterranean which is probably the nearest thing to paradise to be found in Europe. I have lived on Majorca for most of my life and I believe the island has improved for the better and will continue to do so. Give Majorca a break, it's a fantastic place and one that I call home.


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