By Jason Moore

AN absolute disgrace. I am sorry but I am still fuming and outraged over Council of Majorca plans to BUY 15'000 tickets for alleged Real Mallorca fans so they can go and see the final of the Spanish Cup. Not only is tax-payer's money being wasted it doesn't say much for our local team whose support it appears (without the necessary financial support from the local authorities) can be counted on one hand when they play away from home. This is a shameless election stunt by a Council who already used our money to pay for an alleged Majorcan's unsuccessful bid to win Spanish television's Pop Idol competition. In a world which appears to have gone mad this is the latest example of politicians thinking more of the ballot box than the common good. This money could be used for so many things instead it is simply being thrown away in a drive to encourage nationalism through a football team. Meanwhile charities in Majorca are crying out for money. Although we look upon this island as a paradise it has its fair share of problems from homelessness to drug addiction and poverty. I have also heard a lot from the local authorities about showing solidarity with the people of Iraq and instead of sending humanitarian help and aid to the people of Baghdad or Basra the money is spent on helping 15'000 people go to a football match. I am a football fan, and if I supported Real Mallorca then I would go to the final buying the ticket myself and mortgaging the cat if necessary. Football is important but in comparison to some of the other things which this money could be spent on it is totally insignificant. If the Council of Majorca wants to set an example and show Majorca in a good light then send the money to Iraq in the form of humanitarian aid. Football is just a sport and has nothing to do with nationalism.


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