Dear Sir,

WE are on our first visit to Majorca and we are greatly enjoying our stay - and, indeed, the Majorca Daily Bulletin.
However, the article in the Bulletin of April 10 concerning the public attitude to tourists struck a chord.
Yesterday, having spent a delightful day in Port Soller, we boarded the 18.10 L8 bus from the terminal in Palma for the return trip to Illetas. The driver was very rude to two English families who tried to board the bus when they actually needed the L12, drove the bus in a manner bordering on the reckless, and more than once made a defamatory remark or gesture related to the English. He was more unhelpful when he passed the stop we needed. By contrast, every other bus driver we have met has been courteous and helpful. May be our driver was simply having a bad day, but, for a while, it spoilt our holiday. We will come again, but one experience like this can have a disproportionate effect. We will write it off as a “one-off”, but it did mar the holiday.
Thanks again for your paper and (in this case) for a timely article!

Sincerely, D. Lindley


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