By Jason Moore

THIS is no laughing matter. The weather in Majorca should now really concern the local authorities because the island's livelihood is at stake. We are all busy grumbling about the rain and the fact that Easter could be a wash-out but what we must remember is that no sun, no tourists. It's as simple as that. I must admit my heart goes out to the thousands of British tourists who have headed for these shores in search of some good weather and they are faced with heavy rain. If this state of affairs continues, and let's be honest, it's been raining periodically since September, this island will have to completely rethink its tourism philosophy. There is little or nothing to do when the sun is not shining in Majorca. Everything is geared around the beach and being able to sit outside. Unless the local government is planning to recycle thousands of hotel workers into umbrella salespeople this island is facing a major challenge. Global warming is starting to take its toll. Experts have suggested that the Mediterranean will get cooler and Northern Europe warmer. We have a classic example at the moment. Britain is basking in a heatwave while it is raining in Majorca. Our local government love nothing better than forming committees and it would be a good idea if they form one to discuss the state of Majorca's greatest asset, the weather. Dedicating the Viewpoint space of this newspaper to the weather is probably not very politically correct in modern day Majorca but it is time that our industry had a reality check. If the sun is not shining then tourism will fall. You can talk about tourism until you are blue in the face (excuse the pun!) but the facts are very simple. I just hope that this morning I awake to beautiful sunshine because otherwise there are going to be some very unhappy holidaymakers.


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