By Jason Moore
I know the Palma city council want to encourage more people to use public transport but perhaps our money would be better spent on a better service instead of the thousands of euros which are being invested in state of the art bus stops. There is a classic example infront of our offices on the Paseo Mallorca. Two years ago a rather nice light blue shelter was built. It was functional and it hadn't been vandalised and it was still in good shape. But now it has been demolished to make way for a new structure which looks like something out of Matrix II. It looks very good but it is about as functional as Palma Post Office. While the “golden mile” of Palma (Paseo Mallorca, Jaime III and Borne) looks fantastic you stray a few hundreds metres away you notice the difference. Street lights don't work, pavements are in bad shape and pet owners are not being good citizens. I sincerely hope that the new Mayor Catalina Cirer decides to cut-back on the “window dressing” and spends city funds on more important things than state of the art bus shelters. The last Mayor who spent council funds on promenades, art-deco street lighting etc, is now sitting on the opposition benches so perhaps Sra. Cirer should take note. What I would like to see is more policing which I am confident that we will get with Sr. Cirer because this was one of her election promises.

ONE thing which Majorca has no shortage of is politicians so why does the Mayor of Inca have to be Speaker of the local parliament as well? What next. The incoming President of the Balearic government will decide to combine his new job with his old one, minister for environment. If anyone wants to see the Mayor of Inca you better book now because his diary is going to be very full.


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