Dear Sir,

Richard Parker writes like a man determined to be angry but unable to find anything of substance on which to vent his spleen. So he resorts to specious arguments lacking merit and substance. For example, he presumes I was quoting a Lord Donoughue who must now be in his eighties if in fact he is still alive. I was actually quoting from a letter in The Times written by Lord Donoughue, opposition spokesman on broadcasting in the Lords 1993-1997. This noble lord has no political reason for attacking the BBC. Rather the opposite. But, because he is a man of honesty and courage, he calls it as he sees it, regardless of party affiliation. And his opinion is shared by most of the country's senior media experts inside and outside the House. Perhaps it might be a good idea for Mr Parker to read more and write less. A little more learning might help him resist the temptation of letting his personal prejudices blind him to obvious truths.

Yours faithfully,

David Lee


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