By Jason Moore
REAL Mallorca start their European soccer campaign this month and as long as they don't fall at the first fence, which is unlikely, they are on course to play either an English or German team. Some pundits have said that the local team stands a good chance of actually winning the UEFA Cup. So wouldn't be an idea if the local tourism authorities joined forces with Real Mallorca and turned all away matches into a roadshow to promote Majorca as a tourist destination. The very best of Majorca on and off the pitch. The beautiful game and a beautiful island...what a combination. Its not as if Majorca will be going into uncharted territory. Newcastle has successful used its football team to attract big business on numerous occasions and many Premier League chairman have homes on the island and I know for a fact that they are all willing to giving Real Mallorca a helping hand when it comes to promotions off the pitch. Gone are the days when football clubs were just sporting clubs, these days they are Leisure PLCs with fans being customers or clients bases. Linking up one sporting/leisure industry with the island's tourism/leisure industry makes perfect sence to me and could reap important dividends all round. And staying with the football theme, Majorca could very easily get world-wide publicity for the same price as one of the medium sized promotion drives they are planning at the moment. Just recruit the services of David Beckham. In one swoop Majorca would make headlines across the world. I am convinced that one of Spain's more good ahead tourism provinces will sign-up Becks but Majorca should take the lead and pull off the biggest goal of the summer. Forget road-shows and promotion drives Majorca should just think soccer.


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