Dear Sir, AS a resident and watcher of events on this island I find this summer to be one of the most interesting.
It all started on 5/25 it fell from the sky like stair rods (for those who were not here or can't remember it's called rain) and yet the population voted had you have asked those entering, who they were going to vote for, it is unlikely they would have said the party that actually won - so much for opinion polls! Then the sun came out and in celebration stayed out cooking the island, its inhabitants and visitors to an unhealthy shade of red to brown depending upon the UV Factor used. Through it all we soldiered on - air conditioning units being worked beyond the call of duty and hotel staff likewise who as always were overworked and underpaid. Majorcan Hotels are having a bad time of things - that's why they are investing millions of Euros in the Caribbean!! The tourists came and hiked endlessly through Palma airport and were then treated to the usual off hand service and over priced drinks, meals etc. The season closes early and concern is expressed - and yet the answer lies within their own hands. There are other places to go, Majorca is not the only place that offers holidays and a lot of the other places do it cheaper.
Many articles publish barometer charts as an indication of price changes so let's start a Beer Barometer! An explanation to the following puzzle would be appreciated. Prior to the Euro a beer (Caña) was approx 215 pts about 1.30 Euros, OK lets say 1.50 Euros, can you find a bar serving beer for this price? If so let me know - it's now a minimum of 1.95 or more likely 2.30 Euros about 380 pesetas. It's the same beer, same bar, same waiter and his salary - I bet is the same!! That's an indication of the price rises on this island.
It's been an expensive summer, not for hotel owners, bar owners etc they have surely increased their profits based on the raise in prices since the Euro. It is almost as though they have taken the previous peseta price moved the point and put a Euro sign in. The people who are suffering are the tourists and the ordinary workers, the very main stay of the island. We can't all exist on five star hotels who's clientele are fickle and very demanding and who will be influenced as to where to go on holiday more that Mr. Average. Calvia council has also had a very expensive season - witness the parking system that was installed at great cost by the previous administration only to be removed by the current one. In order to keep a promise of an election vote catcher to those who demanded it. Result - disaster - you can't park in any of the areas that were previously designated ticket areas and the police are issuing more tickets for double parking than a dog's got fleas - so anybody with any sense, shops out of town where the big super markets offer parking and of course lower prices. Well done Calvia you have just promoted higher car use and less business for local shops!! The only sense so far stated has been by Martin Brackenbury (IFTO) who has given clear signs that attitudes are in need of a severe change if this island is going to return to the days of yore. It's an increasingly competitive world and one where people have easy access to information mediums that permit them to browse a far greater world of choice, the generations change and with them so do the purchasers demands. Quick reactions are needed, I can't help thinking that too many people are in a time warp - reflecting upon the past - yes, maybe they were the good old days but they are not going to solve tomorrow's problems. The potential is being wasted by too much squabbling, in fighting and greed - I hope that there are those that have sense to see the need for change because if not - heaven help us! Yours
Alan Morris


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