Dear Sir, IT is becoming increasingly obvious that U.S. President, George W Bush, needs a new war to distract US voters from his disastrous slide in US opinion polls. History shows that a sudden war is the only way to lift a poll–ailing western leader from political oblivion. Bush Senior and Margaret Thatcher were classic examples of this technique – except that while Thatcher succeeded, with the Falklands war in turning around a bored and basically anti–Thatcher electorate, Bush Senior failed – because his timing was off and he went to war too early against Iraq in 1991! Bush Jnr has to be careful not to make the same mistake. As wars are so quickly 'over' these days, a full attack on Syria or Iran within the next few weeks could be too early for the 2004 elections. Therefore the, obviously U.S. sanctioned, Israeli attack on Syria this weekend, which leaves Tony Blair and Jack Straw barely able to still hold on to George Junior's coat tails, could be just testing the waters and too early for the real thing by months! George W's best bet may be to get Israel to wait until the new year and then pre–empt a full strike on Iran's nuclear facilities in “self defence”. He could let the Mid East stew for a while and then go in heavily and take out anything else around that stands in the way of his oil dreams. The US electorate would rally around him and by then it would be election time! But, Mr. Bush, be careful of your pals, the Saudis. You may have to give them a 50/50 deal on the Iraq oil fields to stop another attack like 9/11.
Meb Cutlack


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