Dear Sir, With reference to Mr Robert's letter of the 10th I quote, “Even Beckham gets peanuts when compared to the likes of Bill Gates”.
When cretinous soccer supporters stop building these overpaid, brainless, pretentious, big girl's blouses into what they are not then “the beautiful game” may not need the constant makeovers of late. Can you imagine explaining why Beckham and Gates are household names to a visitor from another planet?
Both are comparatively highly paid humans. Mr Beckham is rather good at running round on a patch of grass measuring 100 by 73 metres for 90 minutes using his feet and head to move a plastic ball full of air. He changes his hairstyle frequently and is fond of wearing ladies' clothes. Now, on the other hand, Mr Gates is not so good at running round but operates globally, 24 hours a day... I won't go on, I think you get my drift.

John Rule
Sol de Mallorca
Times change


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