Dear Sirs, H aving noted your piece in The Bulletin of Friday, October 3, I tend to agree with Mr and Mrs Bishop.
In England I am a “Blue Badge” holder, in Spain I don't know if that counts. Two years ago I dislocated my pelvis lifting a case from a carousel.
I'm not old but I'm not 18, so trying to get my cases from the carousel is usually met by “hands on hips” and a “firm stance”, in other words wait your turn. My worry since the new airport, is always how far must I walk. I have artificial knees, so the use of the mobile walkway, from arrival No. 48 takes me some 20-30 mintes to get to the carousels. After a two-hour flight, to some extent it's nice to stretch your legs, but a 30-minute walk can be tiring. I am still having treatment for the pelvic problem and was told “you only have to ask for help and they are only too pleased...” But, where are “they”? I've never found them or anyone to help. I have an apartment which means I pay taxes, so like Mr and Mrs Bishop, I do feel I have a cause to complain.
I first came to the island in 1965, but now the differences are huge. Roadways for one! People visit today and do not realise what it was like all that time ago. Times change, but not always for the better.
Yours faithfully, Name and address supplied


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