A number of British friends have been calling to say that suddenly they are no longer getting the discount for travel to the mainland or other islands, from the Andratx council. They are rather miffed since they went to the trouble to get onto the local census and later onto the electoral roll, and subsequently fulfilled their civic duties by voting in the local elections, one particular couple in two elections.

But now they have found that they can no longer get the necessary certificate for travel deductions, because they do not have official residency.
The authorities are always moving the goal posts!! Some years ago it was only possible to get onto the town census “Padron de habitantes” if you were an official resident. That is with a proper residency card, because they would not even accept the 'resguardo' i.e. copy of the request form. They wanted to see the actual card with your mug photo on it.

Then at the time when EU people could vote, against all logic, the rules from Madrid were changed so that the Town Councils were able to accept inscription on the local census just by seeing a foreign passport.

Thereby, the same identification was possible for the electoral roll, although my own personal opinion was that that particular document was no proof that someone spends the greater part of the year in the municipality, making the onus on the individual to make that decision.

Of course where Britons are concerned, the passport number causes quite a lot of difficulties since every ten years it changes, as opposed to a Spanish identity card number which lasts for life.

But recently the norms have come through that to get the travel discount, the EU citizen must show a residency card, despite the fact that now this document is not needed by a number of people.

Checking on this fact with Kate Mentink, in her capacity as councillor of Calvia, but with the foreigners being her speciality, she mentioned that those who do not need to have a residency are in fact those who are working in Spain on Spanish Social Security, and thereby also pensioners of a Spanish job, not the old aged pensioners from other countries.

In any case, it would seem that it is not a bad idea to get the dratted residency document, even if it does take a lot of paperwork.


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