Dear Sir, After reading your editor's Viewpoint - Business as Normal - on Tuesday, October 14, I am confused. My residence permit or residencia is due for renewal on October 22, 2003. I have already telephoned the British Consulate in Palma who said “no need to renew it”. I then visited my Gestoria, who has dealt with my residencia for 20 years, and they said “no need to renew it”, then I read your article and Kate Mentink's comments in “Anne's Arguments” on Sun/Mon, October 12 and definitely think if I want a trouble-free life as a non-Spanish European Union citizen, I really do need one. I am 65, have lived here 20 years with my husband, who sadly died last December, having had residencia for 20 years.
My husband worked and paid Social Security payments, so on reaching 65 he received old age pension from the Spanish government.
On his death aged 66, I now receive widow's pension from them.
I am on the local census and electoral roll at my local town hall and have voted in the last two local elections.
Can you tell me if I don't renew my residencia, what form of identification do I carry around?
I understand I would need a residencia to obtain travel discount to the islands and mainland, also if visiting a notary for any business, and police, banks, travel agents, etc. Is a British passport sufficient? Please help! Yours faithfully
H.A. Parker
Sa Coma
Editor's note
We naturally understand that this is a complicated issue so we decided to forward Mrs. Parker's letter to Kate Mentink, the Calvia councillor responsible for European affairs. This is her reply.


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