Dear Mrs Parker, A copy of your letter sent to the Daily Bulletin has been forwarded to us for comment and clarification.
According to what I understand, you are a British citizen who is receiving a widow's pension from the Spanish Social Security. As such, you are no longer OBLIGED to renew your Residence Card, however this does somewhat limit your residential activities. According to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, they are instructing all the Municipalities in the Balearic Islands that European citizen's not in possession of Residence Cards will not be allowed the travel discounts on inter-island and mainland journeys. Also, as you quite clearly pointed out “which identifying document does one carry around?”, obviously in your case it would have to be your British Passport. The new laws changing the need for Residence Cards for European citizens can only successfully be applied to the people who come to Spain to live and work on a temporary basis. What we would suggest and are suggesting to all persons who really are “Residents”, renew your Residence Card as you have always done.

Kate Mentink


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