Dear Sir, THE situation of Mrs. Parker is not unique – many of us Senior Citizens are in the same precarious situation.
Since 1986 I hold the so much needed Residencia. Before that blessed state I had to go through the process of Permanencia! Ever since I duly renovated every 5 years. The third renovation was due for January 2003.
Since one can only apply for renovation one month before expiry date, I did so in December 2002. The neccessary papers were stamped 9.12.2002 in the Delegacion de Gobierno, of which I hold original copy. As of today I am still waiting for an answer, getting restless about the state of affairs , last week I stood in line at the Oficina de Extranjeria only to be told there is no record of my application on the computer. But they gave me an e–mail address where I could possibly get more information.
Prompt reply, but same outcome: “Hasta el momento no tenemos datos de su expediente”. Luckily I did not turn in my old, almost expired residencia document in December 2002. Lucky, because without it you are almost an outcast – everybody is asking your ID. Most of the time the expiry date is not noticed, if so I have to show the stamped application form – (in the meantime plastified). My advice to Mrs. Parker: Go to the office of Ciudadanos Europeos in c/St. Domingo in Palma, they will help you to fill in the papers for renewal, have the application stamped by the Delegacion de Gobierno and then hope for the best! And by all means: keep your expired document!! Saludos
Carla Fluch Llucmajor


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